SQL SERVER Query to get all procedure name exist in database


SQl Server Query To Get  All Procedure Name
Some time i have to extract all procedure from out SQL Server Database. For example i have to delete all procedures from the database then first i have to get all the procedure name & execute the command with drop.Then here some query to extract the all procedure from SQL server database. All query is tested on SQL Server 2008 version.

Code Sample [SQL Server Query]

SELECT * FROM sys.objects where type='p'

Another query is 

SELECT * FROM sys.procedures

For example : if you are use database NorthWind and after that you execute above  query then you get all the procedure name existing in this database & output like below.

Note : All query tested in SQL Server 2008R2

SQL Server procedure list
If you want to get some specific procedures name however you remember partially procedure name .Then Query is

SELECT * FROM sys.objects where type='p' and name like '%custorder%'

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