Count number of capital, small letter,numeric number and vowel in given string in C#.


Dear Code  Can you provide me code in C# for count the number of Capital,Small letter, vowel and how many number in given string?

Dear Topic Every one ask this in C# you are the one who ask me in SQL SERVER.Any ways query are given below.

Code Sample [C# Code]
using System;
using System.Text;
public class Program
       public static void Main()
                Console.WriteLine("Please enter a string");
                string inputString = Console.ReadLine();
                byte[] arrASCIIBytes = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(inputString);
                //Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes is used for convert the strin into byte Array
                int smallCount = 0;
                int capitalCount = 0;
                int vowelCount = 0;
                int numericCount=0;
                foreach (byte ascii in arrASCIIBytes)
                    if (ascii >= 48 && ascii <= 57)
                    else if (ascii >= 65 && ascii <= 90)
                    else if (ascii >= 97 && ascii <= 122)
                                  switch (ascii)
                        case 65:
                        case 69:
                        case 73:
                        case 79:
                        case 85:
                        case 97:
                        case 101:
                        case 105:
                        case 111:
                        case 117:
       Console.WriteLine("Number of small letters in the entered string: " + smallCount);
       Console.WriteLine("Number of cap letters in the entered string: " + capitalCount);
       Console.WriteLine("Number of vowel letters in the entered string: " + vowelCount);
       Console.WriteLine("Number of Number  in the entered string: " + numericCount);


Please enter a string

Testing for count 123number,capital,small and vowel

Number of small letters in the entered string: 40
Number of cap letters in the entered string: 1
Number of vowel letters in the entered string: 14

Number of Number  in the entered string: 3

Here I am using Encoding.ASCII.GeBytes. Basically its convert the string into ASCII value and return the Byte Array.For this you have to use namespace System.Text. For Example we know the Ascii value of A is 65 so we have the check the condition from 65 to 90  for capital letter .Hope this will helpful for all my virtual world friends.

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