Difference between server side and client side language


Difference Beteen Client Side & Server Side
What is the difference between client side and server side language ?
Client and Server relation is like buyer and seller .Buyer request for something to seller and seller response to the buyer.In Web application there is client and server .

Client is like browser . As we know there are so many browser like Google Chrome, FireFox, Edge,Internet Explore,Safari,UCbrowser and many more.Client side scripting language is like JavaScript,VB Script. So many library and framework available to write a code in client side like Jquery,Angular Js,Kendo Js, Ember Js etc.Client side scripting language directly interact with html page elements.HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS(Cascading Style sheet) also used in Client Side.Client side scripting processing takes place on the end user computer and the source code of client side scripting language is transfer from web server to client computer over the network and run directly in the browser.
Advantage :
There are lots of advantage of Client side code and its pointed below.
1. We know that Client side scripting processing takes place on the end user computer so its response time is fast.
2. Less over head on web server.
3. More interactive application.
Disadvantage :
1. If user disable the JavaScript in own computer then Scripting code not work.
2. Since the code is included in the HTML page, anyone can see the code by viewing the page source.

Server side scripting means that all the script will be executed by the server . As we know there are so many server like IIS,Tomcat Apache etc.Server side scripting language is like C#,Java etc. In ASP.net server side code use .net framework and is written in language in C# , VB.Net.It execute on Web Server.A user request on web server and web server give the appropriate response like html page or json data or the status of page not found etc.

Advantage :
1. Interact with database, files to store data permanently .
2. Secure in comparison to client side code.

Disadvantage :
1. Server side processing is the page post back.
2. Client must wait for the server to process the request and send page back to the client..


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