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SQL SERVER Query to get all function name

SQL Server get all function name
I created a database and in this database i created lots of user defined inbuilt function. After few days i open my SQL Server and select my database after that i want to check my existing functions but i am not remember my function name exactly i remember some words of created function . Then i google and got a query to get all function name of SQL Serevr database.Also i written a query here with like command.
Please have a look for query. I am using the inbuilt view sys to get the desired result.

Get all function name from database SQL Server

SELECT * FROM sys.objects where type='FN'

above query only give you the scaler function list & below gives tabular function list 

SELECT * FROM sys.objects where type='TF' 

if you want to get all in single query then 

SELECT * FROM sys.objects where type In('TF','FN')

For example : if you are use database NorthWind and after that you execute above  query then you get all the table name existing in this database & output like below.

Note : All query tested in SQL Server 2008R2

If you want to get some specific function name however you not remember complete function name .Then Query is
SELECT * FROM sys.objects where type In('TF','FN') AND name like '%custorder%'


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