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Change the color of status bar in SQL SERVER


Sql server status bar
Some time I am login with so many SQL SERVER  then its difficult to identify on which server I am login & working. So I search in Google and also discuss this matter to our DBA friends . Than I found a solution to change the color of status bar in SQL Server.
If color will be change then off course we will be able to identify the server easily. For example I am login on my computer with two SQL SERVER  one is local and another is live  then what I did I changed the color of status bar green for local and red for live &
believe me  its best solution for me. I explain here how to change the status bar of SQL sever query window.

Status Bar Color SQL Server

Step 1 :- Open the SQL Server. Then SQL SERVER Screen show like below.
Connect to SQL Server
connect to SQL Server

Step 2:- Before click on connect  click on options which is shown in above picture. After clicking options same pop up looks like below.
Change color of status bar in SQL Server

Step 3 :- Check the custom color and after that click on Select button .When you are click on select button the new color popup window open choose color as you want then click ok.

Choose color in SQL Server

Step 4 :-  After click ok click on connect.After successfully connection open the new query window then you see in status bar you selected color display  . I share my screenshot i select red color and its look like below .

Color change in status bar in SQL server


Its beneficial when you are connected with different different SQL SERVER .For example i am login with local test and live in my computer then some time i update query from production to test or local or vice versa. I set three different color for these three. So when we login with then easily identify in which server i am working. Its fine that server name is also shown in this status bar but i believe color is too catchy in comparison to text.Really its very helpful for me . I hope this article is also helpful for you.


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