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Angular JS brief description

Angular JS Brief Description
Now from the day on my website i include the link of Angular JS.Today i just shared some point about angular js. I am not talking about history just write simple point.We discuss practical example in my upcoming article.

One of the most popular scripting language in this era is Angular JS. Angular JS is javascript framework for creating the single page application shortly its called (SPA).
Angular JS is not very hard to learn but before start to learn Angular JS you have to knowledge of HTML as well as JavaScript.Some point about Angular JS

Angular JS

  • Angular JS is maintained by Google.
  • Angular JS follow the MVC(Model View Controller)  Architecture.
  • Angular JS follow the two way binding concept.
  • Its use for binding the JavaScript object with html UI element.
  • Application which are created in Angular JS is easy to build ,easy to change and easy to maintain.
  • Angular JS code is neat and clean.
  • Angular JS is open source framework.
  • In my opinion Angular JS hijack the HTML and inject JavaScript on it.
  • Angular JS always keep the DOM updated when the model has been changed and vice versa.
  • Model,Directive,Controller,Scope ,Dependency injection is mostly used in Angular JS.
  • You can create a directive in angular js like plugin in Jquery.
  • When using angular JS you can also use the Jquery without any confilct.


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