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ng-show ng-hide in angular js

ng-show ng-hide angular js
There are lots of directive in angular js and we all use these directive frequently. Here i exlplain the directive ngshow and nghide. Both are very frequently uses directive and its a part of module ng. From the name its clear that its used for hide or show to given HTML on the basis of given condition.
One good thing about these directive is we dont need to write any javascript or css code to hide or show the HTML element.
ng-show and ng-hide can show or hide the HTML element on a page but  These element will still be in the DOM. Thats why some time HTML rendring is slow.
I hope you all aware about the basic of angular js means how set the controller and what js we have to include to work with angular js.

ngshow nghide example in angular js


Example 1 Show HTML: Hide HTML:
Welcome you Click on show HTML.
Welcome you Click on hide HTML.
Example 2

Example 3 Show/Hide With Single Click:
Welcome show HTML.
Welcome Hide Html .
Example 4

Example of working ng-show/ng-hide with Expressions

(try with jquery, angularjs, sql, MVC)
I am working on jquery
I am working on angularJS
I am working on Sql
I am working on MVC


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